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Music Downloading Site: Recommendations

Posted by meek1 on February 21, 2007

I am featured on Ezine Articles As Featured On Ezine Articles

Unlimited Music Download

One of the best sites that offers music and movies and games downloads with a huge variety of genres. If you had read my article on mp3 download (“Maximizing Your Music Downloading”), you will know that I’m absolutely paranoid about choosing the right site. Some benefits of this site:

  • Ranked as the No. 1 site by MTV, CNN, CNET, GOOGLE and more
  • no adware, spyware, pop-ups etc while downloading
  • new songs everyday, download 24-7! 
  • high quality files
  • no per song dowload fees
  • demo available for the newbie
  • over 15million files to choose from 
  • …. and much more

Only 3 minutes of setup time! Start some FREE downloads NOW!

As Featured On Ezine Articles


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Posted by meek1 on February 20, 2007







一生能有几个 爱护顾惜得连你也深感遗憾

一生只一个 气息如此相近




当你要重拾某一刻  真实过的空间 





金钱霸权政治游戏  人人敷敷衍



Copyright Meek1, 2007

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Maximizing Your Music Downloading – 7 Practical Tips You Must Know

Posted by meek1 on February 19, 2007

As Featured On Ezine Articles
These are tips that seem logical yet it is surprising many music lovers online are unaware of how to download music online safely. Some have been scammed and are skeptical. Hence, these 7 pointers not just to help you locate a trustworthy music download site but also cover other essential aspects we often overlooked.

1. Choose trustworthy download sites.

In other words, a safe environment for downloading.  You don’t want your data to be erased by viruses from the sites you paid to download your music. Avoid dubious sources that offer free download. 

Free sites still need income to maintain their sites competitively. So you may be downloading bundled adware and spyware when you click on these sites to download your songs. Then you will have non-stop pop-ups irritating you to no end. Do consider sites those voted as top ranking sites or even the No. 1 site by MTV, CNET, CNN, GOOGLE and the like.

2. Internet Connection Speed

If you had a dial-up connection like I once had, then you would understand how downloading online music can be extremely slow, so slow that once I almost pulled my hair out when the only the introductory music at the start of the song was downloaded and the connection promptly stopped!

None of us have such extravagance of waiting several hours just to download a few songs. Do seriously consider switching to broadband if you wish to get the most out of unlimited downloading of songs.

3. Pricing – Maximizing Your Subscription

Source around and compare the prices of downloading music online. Some websites charge on a per download or monthly subscription basis while others charge a flat rate.  It is common for most music download sites to offer life time membership. If you need an avalanche of songs most of the time, seriously consider the one time payment for Lifetime Membership option.    

If there is a Live Customer Support, then  it is even better!I must emphasize that although I am focusing mainly on music/songs here, I would also urge you to consider a downloading site that offers not only music but movies and even games. It is better to be spoilt for choices than to be restricted in your selection.

4. Maximizing the Genres Available

This is what I call the KIV selection. Yes, numerous websites offer a rich variety of genres that you at present enjoy. No problem in choosing those sites to download. But what if your tastes begin to vary, say from Pavarotti to oldies, hip hop to Christian rap? So it is wise if you select a site that offers almost countless genres. Leave your options wide open. Afterall, you paid for the membership!

5. Compatibility of Your Player and Song Formats

I know that with software applications such as Winamp or Windows media player, MP3 files can be played either on our pc, laptop or on specialized players like the Apple IPod etc. Some MP3 audio files could even be played on the latest DVD Players and CD players. Now you can download from MP3s to PSP is using a USB cable that connects your computer with your PSP.

Nonetheless, do not just assume you can convert any files from the site; it is just not worth the time and can be quite hazardous.

Do not also presume these files are compatible to whatever gadgets you are using; you even need to ensure the mp3 files are compatible with ALL mp3 players even with iPod, lest you use a new player in future! So do check the functions of your digital portable player music file formats, wav, MP3 (the most common) etc from the site you intend to download.

6. Quality of Online Music Downloads

This aspect is often glossed over. We all want to enjoy and relax at our favorite tunes, so crystal clear digital sound is a must. While it is hard to determine and discern this aspect, reviews from current users sure help a great deal.

7. Burning on CDs and DVDs

After some time, you may want burn your song collections a CD or DVD, so it is imperative that to study the instructions of different sites. You will benefit from sites that support burning of CDs well if you are downloading a large collection as CDs are comparatively more affordable than DVDs. If you do not compromise on quality, then it is DVD for you. Remember to get a high speed burner too. View a trustworthy site here.

As Featured On Ezine Articles

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Virtual Communities, WWW

Posted by meek1 on February 19, 2007

I wrote a term paper on Virtual Communities for one of my postgraduate courses and the professor candidly admits that for his age, he is not quite as passionate about the web, Internet or even computers as most of his students.

What amuses me is his dismissal of online communities – and coming from a person who does not know much about the Internet at that! To his credit, he confessed having a strong apprehension about the Internet as all he heard from his friends were the devastation of porn, gambling sites, virtual reality games that harm more than honing skills.  Then he tried his hand at it and……. was lost. So he decided not to venture into the Wild Wild Web anymore apart from functional purposes like emails. Researches? Well, there are teaching assistants.

Hmm….  of course, “Virtual Communities” is a loaded term, it means different things to different people.

I woke up this morning thinking of just one aspect of the Internet. Putting it simplistically: Where there are communities, there are needs of consumption and commodities. Searching, reading reviews, buying products are all as integral as making friends on the Internet. In my two years of selling and buying (mostly gadgets and photography stuff) over auction sites, I have made friends who blessed me with their rich knowledge and experiences.

Prof, I don’t know that much about the web as you think but everything has two sides to a coin.  The key is to be circumspect yet open-minded to the point of being magnanimous.  The www is a world without walls and surely you have all kinds of people out there.  As a prof for 30 over years, have you never had one bad student? (your own definition of “bad”). Surely you had one, even just one? If yes, why haven’t you given up teaching?!

Because there are still countless good students out there waiting to be nurtured. I’m one of them. Ha!

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MP3 Music Download

Posted by meek1 on February 18, 2007

Downloading music online can be so enjoyable and easy! As my expert friends don’t have the patience to teach any newbie, I will share some personal tips  (maybe no big deal to aficionadoes and experts though) which I meandered and sauntered my way for a while in the past. Hope most of us can just Download, Play and Burn!

First things first, let me just caution you with the number 1 downloading rule: Choose trustworthy download sites.

You wouldn’t want a spyware or adware to be placed on your desktop computer or laptop etc. Much worse is the least desirable: viruses. Being the meticulous (read: paranoia) person that I am, I searched for good reviews and found MSN, CNET, CNN etc rating this site as the Number 1 site for Unlimited Music Downloads.

If you are like me who enjoy different genres from jazz, rock, Christian rap, instrumental, hip hop to rap and the like, you should choose a one-stop site that offers a huge variety of choices that spoils you. The site boasts of a “15 Million Songs, Fast Downloads” for mp3 songs downloading, mp3 file sharing, even thai and chinese songs mp3 download, music video download…

Guess they have many sheet music downloads too. Why don’t you explore and let me know?While you download, free bonuses like Firewall Software, Pop-up Blocker, Media Player, Antivirus Software, Adware Removal Software are up for grabs too! It sure is cool! 

Listen to some of your favorites now!

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