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MP3 Music Download

Posted by meek1 on February 18, 2007

Downloading music online can be so enjoyable and easy! As my expert friends don’t have the patience to teach any newbie, I will share some personal tips  (maybe no big deal to aficionadoes and experts though) which I meandered and sauntered my way for a while in the past. Hope most of us can just Download, Play and Burn!

First things first, let me just caution you with the number 1 downloading rule: Choose trustworthy download sites.

You wouldn’t want a spyware or adware to be placed on your desktop computer or laptop etc. Much worse is the least desirable: viruses. Being the meticulous (read: paranoia) person that I am, I searched for good reviews and found MSN, CNET, CNN etc rating this site as the Number 1 site for Unlimited Music Downloads.

If you are like me who enjoy different genres from jazz, rock, Christian rap, instrumental, hip hop to rap and the like, you should choose a one-stop site that offers a huge variety of choices that spoils you. The site boasts of a “15 Million Songs, Fast Downloads” for mp3 songs downloading, mp3 file sharing, even thai and chinese songs mp3 download, music video download…

Guess they have many sheet music downloads too. Why don’t you explore and let me know?While you download, free bonuses like Firewall Software, Pop-up Blocker, Media Player, Antivirus Software, Adware Removal Software are up for grabs too! It sure is cool! 

Listen to some of your favorites now!


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